Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Facebookers, forgive me for I have trolled

...and it's been...well...never, since my last confession. We didn't do that (ahem) stuff in Christian Science. Sure, we were into guilt & shame, but not hell. Or at least not a PLACE, other than the MORTAL UNIVERSE, which of course was only a construct of our own  MORTAL MINDS.

Excuse me. Religion does bring out the caps-lock in all of us, doesn't it?

But yeah, I did some trolling. Too tempting. A friend posted a link to the CHRISTIAN SCIENCE YouTube channel which is rife with such offerings.

(The videos average between a few hundred and a  couple thousand hits. Let me just brag that Sean Faircloth's Interview Formerly Appearing on YouTube of Liz Heywood, Plucky CS Survivor, nabbed something upward of 15,000 hits in the year before it was axed in a copyright dispute between Richard Dawkins & a nameless Disgruntled Former Employee.) 

The CS channel 137 videos and 810 subscribers. Which is to say, the 40,000-odd remaining church members are too old to figure out the InterWebs.


(Un-caps-lock.) The CS series of some new, some older videos, is called "Lives Lived." The videos seem to run about a minute or two apiece while earnest folk of all ages & hairstyles talk about praying away their latest migraine, brain tumor, or whathaveyou. The comments, I quickly noticed, were disabled...

...on most of them.

OK, so what do you think I did? Yeah, that's what I did. Kept it short & sweet: Lives Lived, Legs Lost. Believe what you want; take your kids to a doctor. Along those lines. With my little leg/prosthesis/horse legs icon.     :-)  

Found a couple of those earnest I-was-HEALED clips to spruce up with my comments before I had to go get my daughter from track practice. Alas. So much fun, so little time.

By the time I was back the comments were disabled.     :-(     Stephanie Miller (progressive radio talk show host) would say, "See, this is why we can't have nice things!!"

But I bet she wouldn't say it in all caps.      ;-D


  1. Thanks, GR! for the sharp-eyed editing.

  2. Well, it would seem that you have not disabled you comments here. I did see yours on the YouTube channel before they were shut down, thanks to your alert to the rest of us...

    1. The only comments I don't publish are spam (& not lovely spam, wonderful spam.)

      Yes--now I know what to do on boring rainy afternoons...