Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hope is green... the daffodils that have been poking up in the warmest spot in my central upstate New York yard: over the septic tank.  This sounds like some kind of optimist/Erma Bombeck joke, but I'll take it.

Yesterday was the first full-sun, clear-sky , mild-temperature day we've had since...hell, I don't remember anymore. Everyone stumbled into the light, squinting and smiling goofily at strangers.

Why does anyone live in this passive-aggressive climate?? What kind of self-loathing makes us groan and struggle through the winter so we can claw our way, grovelling and whimpering in appreciation, into a plain-vanilla, ho-hum Nice Day? I wasn't a bit surprised to wake this morning to the grim grey that devolved into rain. Of course. Would I expect two sunny days in a row? Yeah, no. What am I, stupid?

So while March slinks out like a wet dog, here's a trip down classic SNL memory lane.  To life!

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  1. As a staunch New Englander, I love this post. Thank you.