Thursday, January 31, 2013

LIz Goes to San Diego

Finally: the big news I've been sitting on the past few weeks: I've been invited to be a speaker on a panel at the American Humanist Association's national conference on June 1, 2013 in San Diego.  The panel will address the topic "How Religion Can Harm Children." The other panelists are R. Elisabeth Cornwell, Sean Faircloth, Katherine Stewart and Janet Heimlich. This is an amazing powerhouse of a roster. I am honored to be included.  

Lately I've been writing about trudging though this winter, grasping (though not too tightly) at my chickens' new eggs and whatever signs of spring are available...but my stump-u-versary approaches: February 26, which makes #6. For me it's a time of reflection that also requires extra irreverence. Yes, a defense mechanism. I know. Sixteen years of therapy, remember? In the hospital after my amputation, I wore a T-shirt that said IT'S JUST A FLESH WOUND.

Incidentally, video has surfaced that was taken at my Leg Party 2007, (the lost episode!) when we celebrated the retirement of my organic leg and impending amputation by burning  a larger-than-life paper-and-cardboard  limb that was bent like mine, complete with foot and toes. Who knows? I might post said video here in a moment of weakness. (Especially since Sean Faircloth has reported that his interview with me is ensnared in some legal battle...)

More news as it develops. Cheers!