Saturday, October 6, 2012

Maintaining Radio Silence

Remember that green-broke noveI
I mentioned a few posts ago?
I load
it into my truck
set the headings to the southeast hills:
Boyds Mills.

I'm participating
in a Highlights Foundation workshop
on novels in free verse. 
Sonya Sones will teach
along with Virginia Euwer Wolff
and my friend Linda Oatman High
whom I met
the last time I
went to Boyds Mills.

my back
will not act up
as it has the last few days
hence my haze...
but  it's better now.
I love chiropractic.

So I'll be quiet then
til maybe the weekend
So: until we meet again
and the case is solve-ed,
as Inspector Clouseau used to say.



  1. We, on this end
    receive the silence while you,
    seeking verse free
    or awaiting emancipation,
    tuck into yummy meals and share
    insights and last year's vintage.

    1. Haiku For Sue

      If I brought you treats
      you'd have no recourse now
      but dieting,too.