Thursday, July 12, 2012

Parenting advice

Today my vet vaccinated my horses
my daughter's old 4H goats
and the single cat who stayed today
(hiding in the duct work)
in the presence of my daughter's St. Bernard.

My vet chatted about horse people...
dairy farming, animal neglect
and raising kids in the inflexible
life-and-death world of animals.
She said,

"Everyone who wants to raise kids
should first have to be certified
as having raised a Brown Swiss calf.
Those calves will test your patience!

I told my husband, They will not drink from a bucket
so you might as well give it up.
Let them have the nipple on the bottle!

He didn't want to listen.
I said, Oh no. I'm right about this one."

Brown Swiss. 

...maybe this is about marriage, not parenting.
Maybe I should have met my vet
and her advice
when I was younger.

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