Monday, February 22, 2016

My New AK Socket

Just got this last week after weeks of test sockets & adjustments. It's the best fit I ever had, and it's custom-finished with one of Perry's t-shirts. Well done, Hanger Prosthetics.  Hashtag lifeisgood, smiley face. Bring on  spring!
AK socket 2016


  1. Liz, this is excellent! Deb

    1. Thanks Deb: Yeah! Please share to all Perry folks. Love you guys. See you soon/when I can, love you, Liz.

  2. Hi Liz,

    I am a 57yr women, who has been married 37 yrs, have 2 boys Frank 36 & Billy 30. I am AK amputee since 2006, when my right leg was amputated due to infection and fact that I went into Septic shock twice with 2 weeks. I have quite a few other problems which cause me not to have good balance, and this makes it hard. I recently fell due to the computer in my leg decided to give out. Needless to say I feel twisted the hell out of my good knee could not put any weight on my leg for almost a month. I am working with Hanger, they gave me a loaner and sent my leg to Germany for Auto Brock to look it over. They recommended a new update model, the Lady I work with at hanger made me a brand new socket to go on new leg. This socket actually fits like a glove. It has been about 1 month since getting my new leg, I am happy to say I am back walking, gardening in the back yard (Tomatoes), I play with my grand kids, drive my recently Restore El Camino (Its the Bomb). I was so glad when I found your website.
    I also suffer from phantom pains all the time, while I have my leg on, worse when leg is off and mostly at late nite, as it tends to wake me out of the dead sleep. Other than that life is to short.......I just like to have fun., I got to do a ride along in a Nascar race car at Atlanta, Ga. My thoughts are you have 2 choices Be Happy (that's me) or be Sad and feel sorry for yourself.......Not for me, as it wouldn't change anything.
    Remember, there is always someone worse off then you! I never \ ride those electric carts in the store, like I always tell the representative....I am not Handicapped.

    Thanks for letting me be part of your blog