Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Note to self: next time, stay down longer during the count

Sigh. What was that thing about X weeks of recovery from total knee replacement surgery?
Yeah, 4 days in the hospital weeping through exercises and snarling about the mean old therapist. Check. 

Working through my extra-credit dilemma: having one organic leg go off-duty, leaving me to don my prosthetic left leg every time I had to get out of bed (including at night to go to the bathroom). Figuring out how to balance on the fake leg to spare the reconstructed one. Check, check.

Then last week home with various daughters, relatives and visitors bearing meals. It was a beautiful, sunny week: mornings on the shady side of the house, afternoons napping or watching a DVD, then back out to the deck in the cool of the evening. My horses graze outside my window, purple loostrife blooms at the edge of the pond, crickets singing day and night. Sunday I swapped walker for crutches and maneuvered down the couple steps so I could go riding in a car-car.

Yesterday I went to work for a couple hours...

Wait, what?

Today: same thing. Worked. Did errands later. Not driving myself yet, but that's not too  far away. My crutch-walking is excellent. My range of motion goes from full-extension (which I couldn't do  before the surgery) to better than ninety-degrees bent, and counting. Just need to put in the steps. It's two weeks today that I went under the knife.

I see the doctor on Friday. Think I better ask him. Shouldn't I just hang out on the deck another week or two? I'll take long walks in between my...naps and reading and movies. I promise.  Check?

I may have really screwed up this summer surgery thing.

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  1. Geeze need some help with recovery? Someone has to fetch the drinks right??