Sunday, May 6, 2012

My personal tech breakthrough

Finally, it's happened: I have crossed the great divide into the twenty-first century, just a dozen years late. Took & uploaded my own pictures, figured out the damn camera, found out how to get the photos on the computer...

No small victory for this Luddite. (Recently I've been lamenting the passing of the typewriter, complete with x-ing out words, white-out, ribbons, carbon paper and that wonderful heavy clicking sound.)

This is my mailbox & sign. Back to the carbon-less, x-less & quieter clicking of the keyboard. Tomorrow: the announcement of my Cayuga Crossing. Stay tuned.


  1. never too late... but hang onto that typewriter. It might come in handy when the power's out. Of course, pencils and paper still work, too.

  2. Thanks Sue! You are one of my digital heroes, you know. I don't have a typewriter now & I'd like to get one. (I was told once, "Oh, you're a method writer.")