Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pardon the Interval

Sorry about this interim. I haven't returned to my cage-fight soliloquy yet and it just occurred to me that I could apologize for the delay. I appreciate your interest in this muttering I call my blog. I've written stories, journals and poems steadily since I was ten years old or so, which means four decades now...but I've never had readers until lately. I wasn't expecting to love blogging but I do. There, I've said it. Heart on my sleeve.

Thought I'd write today/tonight's a blue one. So perhaps tomorrow. Not to worry. Got lots to say about children, parents, blame, consequences, horses, journeys, choices, Being Tough and yeah, forgiveness.

Be well.


  1. Take your time. You are not performing for us, we are here to support you. You could write about daffodils and I'd still read it.

    1. It's an honor to be read...and you must have gotten a whiff of the daffodils on my desk. I planted a lot of bulbs last year, all kinds of double-blooms with exotic names. (Deer don't eat daffodils.)

      Thanks for the thought!